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Sunday , August , 28 2016

Family Life Products


Family Life provides life insurance plans that serve as the foundation of a family's financial security. Whether you are Hispanic, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, black or white, every family needs to have basic life insurance protection to protect against pre-mature death. That is why Family Life offers a variety life insurance products for dad, mom and children ... because " Families Come First " at Family Life. Our materials are available in a variety of languages and we also have an on-line application system that is Quick, Easy and Simple.

Viva Life

Family Life offers simplified issue level term life insurance for amounts up to and including $250,000. Our most popular plan is called "Viva Life" which is a 20 year simplified issue term life plan for ages 18-55 (15 years for ages 56-60) for amounts up to and including $250,000. There are three product options, Viva Life Professional for young adult who needs basic life insurance coverage, Viva Life Family for middle income families who need life insurance coverage on dad, mom and children and Viva Living Benefits for the middle age client who needs life insurance coverage and is also concerned about a critical illness ( heart attack, stroke, etc.) in the future. The application is quick and easy to complete with only 4 health related questions ... no medical exam is required. Family Life also accepts clients that do not have a Social Security Number, but they must have an ITIN ( Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).

Viva Critical Choice

We offer Viva Critical Choice ... a simplified issue level term policy that provides term life coverage up to $100,000.  No medical exam is required, you qualify by answering only four health related questions.  Viva Critical Choice also offers a First Occurrence Critical Illness rider which offers a critical illness benefit which is 50% of the death benefit.

Mortgage Protection Insurance (MCI Gold) and Family Protection EZ

Family Life also offers a simplified issue level term plan up to $250,000 for mortgage protection insurance. This plan allows you to protect your most valuable asset, your home, in case you or your spouse would die pre-maturely. The plan offers a variety of riders which allow you to custom design an insurance plan to fit your needs. You can also name your lender as the beneficiary so the death benefit would be paid directly to the lender. And it is also possible with some lenders to have your Family Life premium added to your mortgage bill so you only have one payment each month.

Family Life also offers a Family Protection EZ that provides life insurance protection on the most important people in your life, your family. Dad, mom and children can be included on the same life insurance plan.

Family Protection Select and Premier

For individuals or families that need a larger amount of life insurance, we offer Family Protection Select which is level term life insurance for 10-15-20-25-30 years. We also offer Family Protection Premier which is a whole life policy that has level premiums and guaranteed cash values. On both plans, dad, mom and children can be included on the same policy. Medical underwriting is required. 

Our friendly customer service staff is available to assist you during regular business hours. You can also access information about your policy any time from our policyholder web site.  Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.